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The Future

To have the ability to influence the key decision makers within the health and social care system, scale is very important. The more consistent voice we have, the more powerful general practice is. This leads to greater consideration of the impact of any change on general practice and also means that we can ensure there is no more unresourced work coming into general practice.

To this end we are having a number of meetings with our counterparts in Newbury, South Reading and North West Reading who have now all set up similar alliances to Wokingham. We all share common goals for general practice moving forward and a desire to see it represented robustly locally. We believe that we can work together to meet these mutual aims whilst retaining some individuality of the localities as we do all have slightly different priorities. There are also a number of projects ongoing within the Integrated Care System that need us to have a consistent approach to ensure general practice is able to reject mold any proposals that would potentially help us and our patients to ensure the proposals are adequately thought through and resourced.