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In order to ensure sustainability of General Practice in the Wokingham area, our sustainability projects are focused on three broad areas:

Workforce: Ensuring we have the right mix of healthcare professionals to deliver outstanding patient-care in a sustainable fashion.

Workload: Innovating to develop strategies to manage the increasing workload associated with our ageing population, rising demand and resource challenges.

Working together: Working with other parts of the NHS system to develop initiatives to improve General Practice sustainability, patient-pathways and patient-care.

Examples of our sustainability work

Operating a paramedic home visiting scheme in one of our practice clusters, a case study of this project has now published by NHS England here.
Leading on Workflow Optimisation across Wokingham practices to help them manage correspondence and record keeping in a more efficient way
Working with other alliances of GPs and physiotherapists in Berkshire West to help develop a new model for an integrated MSK service